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Above is a picture of 2 - 74 1/2” Custom length, Rounded edge plate rails measuring 74 1/2”, finished in "Natural" Minwax ® Stain with several coats of Lacquer.

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These are the wood plate rails we make with Rounded edges or Colonial edges. They are available in the sizes shown below or we can make custom length  up to maximum shippable lengths
The above unfinished wooden plate rails we make are 2 1/4" Deep x 2 3/8" Tall x 7/8" Thick with a "V" plate groove. They include the wood buttons for hanging with panhead woodscrews.
Woodscrews and anchors sold separately.

We will Stain and Finish all items for an additional charge.
Please contact us for information and a quote!

We will make custom length wood plate rails up to maximum shippable lengths.

Round Edged Wood Plate Rail

Round Wall Plate Rail edge view

1PR36R   36" Wood Plate Rail   $39.50
  48" Wood Plate Rail   $52.00
  60" Wood Plate Rail   $65.50
  72" Wood Plate Rail   $78.50

Please allow 2-4 weeks for our Plate Rails for delivery. Shipping and Handling not included in price. We will include this in your quote.


Colonial Edged Wood Plate Rail

Colonial Wall Plate Rail edge view

1PR36C   36" Wood Plate Rail   $44.00
  48" Wood Plate Rail   $55.75
  60" Wood Plate Rail   $69.50
  72" Wood Plate Rail   $83.00

We will Stain and Finish any item for an additional charge. Please contact us for pricing.

Please go to The Shelf Factory
"Ordering information"
page for stain color choices and information on how to place an order.

Please e-mail us at inquiries@shelffactory.co
We will respond to you quickly.

This is the selection of fasteners that we sell on our website.  There are other types of fasteners that can be purchased at your local hardware store if these do not fill your needs

SA1 panhead woodscrew and drywall anchor as shown .45 each

S15 #10 x 1 1/2" panhead woodscrew .15 each

Please be sure to let us know in your inquiry if you wish to purchase any of the fasteners above.

We are "The Shelf Factory" and we make a wide assortment of Wood Shelf Brackets, Wood Corbels, Wood Curtain Brackets, Wood Plate Rails, Wood Gun Brackets and even some customized unusual items.
We make our all our wood shelves and wood Shelf Brackets out of Beautiful Southern Yellow Pine wood . We use only SYP (southern yellow pine) wood which is the hardest of the so called soft woods and is comparable to Oak and Poplar in strength. SYP is a beautiful grained wood especially when stained and finished. (Please do not mistake SYP for light weight white pine wood or what some call Knotty Pine wood.)
We make them in many styles as well as Wood Fan Brackets, Wood Curtain Brackets, Wood Gun Brackets, Wood Corbels, even some unusual custom items. We specialize in making heirloom quality wood shelf units tailored to your specifications and will make them to fit your needs. We make everything the old fashioned way, one at a time. We sell to the general public and there is no minimum order.
Proudly Made in the USA in North Carolina.

Our products are proudly made in the United States of America!

We do not have a shopping cart like other websites and it is not feasible for us as the majority of our orders are custom. We could not give you the personal attention for you to place a custom order as we do with answering your inquiries and giving you information through e-mail. We make up for this by replying to you promptly and giving you the information to complete your order.

Most of the pictures you see on The Shelf Factory website are pictures of actual custom orders we have made for customers to their specification, using our wood shelf brackets and wood shelves. We can make them with whatever choice of wood shelf brackets or wood scroll brackets you want. May we create something for you?

The Shelf Factory makes wood scroll brackets

We have been on the internet since August of 2001 and we were found at www.shelffactory.com and www.theshelffactory.com . Due to the problems caused by our previous Website provider changing their terms and shutting down our website, through no fault of ours, we forced to change to a new website hosting company to our new website, www.shelffactory.co and abandon the old website addresses.

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The above Wooden Rifle Brackets are designed to display your Rifles, swords, fishing poles, baseball bats etc.  We will custom finish them for an additional charge.

The above Wooden Rifle Brackets are designed to display your Rifles, swords, fishing poles, baseball bats etc. We can also customize them to your needs. We will custom finish them for an additional charge.

We make two different Wood Rifle Brackets, One is Offset so you can hang your rifles Upside down or Rightside up or you can arrange them to suit you.

7/8" Thick Wood Rifle Brackets

1GB1R   1 Rifle   $7.75 each bracket

1GB1ROS   1 Rifle Offset   $7.75 each bracket

1GB2R   2 Rifle   $15.50 each bracket

1GB2ROS   2 Rifle Offset   $15.50 each bracket.

1 3/8" Thick Wood Rifle Brackets

15GB1R   1 Rifle   $10.25 each bracket

15GB1ROS   1 Rifle Offset   $10.25 each bracket

15GB2R   2 Rifle   $18.00 each bracket

15GB2ROS   2 Rifle Offset   $18.00 each bracket

Each Wood Rifle Bracket is double keyholed for hanging and 7/8" Thick. Black felt strips are included.

We will custom finish these rifle brackets and any wood item we sell at an additional charge. Stain color choices can be found on The Shelf Factory "Ordering Information" page.

CLICK HERE to go to The Shelf Factory Ordering Information page

Great way to display Antique Rifles

Email us at
for inquiries or orders

This is a montage of some of the things we make or have custom made for our customers
Above is a montage of some of the many wood shelves, wood brackets, wood framed mirrors and more that we have custom made for our customers in the past.


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