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Proof of our Standard Shelf Bracket's Strength

Standard Shelf Bracket Strength

The Shelf Factory makes wood scroll brackets

Proof of Keyhole_Strength
I placed 1 (one) 1 1/2" x #10 Pan Head Screw in an upright 4 x 4. I attached a 1/4" piece of plywood to the top of one of our 7/8" thick bracket. I used 1 keyhole to attach the bracket to the screw on the post. I stacked 10 Old bricks on the bracket which were slightly less than 5 pounds each. To stack more on I would have had to stabilize the stack to keep them from falling sideways. Why bother, with almost 48 pounds already on one bracket, using only one keyhole on the bracket, I've made the point. The last picture in the montage shows 10 bricks on top of my mailing scale/ it says 47 pounds 14.8 ounces. P. S. My smallest brackets only have one keyhole for hanging. All the other brackets I make and sell have two keyholes to use for even more secure hanging as well as keeping the bracket vertical. There are many good anchors and fasteners that will securely fasten brackets to walls. Brackets I sell do not include any screws, anchors or fasteners. They can be purchased at local Hardware Stores Or Home Centers. See our tip below for a recommendation on installation.

The brackets are made to handle heavy loads. For a more secure installation, you would install a small strip of wood fastened to the wall, a back-plate, between the brackets on wall directly under the back side of the shelf as noted in the drawing below. This will help to keep the shelf from bowing and sagging in the middle over time as well as adding extra support overall. You would fasten the shelf to the brackets as well as the back-plate you install. For example, all of our Custom Assembled shelf units will have back-plates to to make them a solid unit.
Extra Shelf Support

We are The Shelf Factory and we make a wide assortment of Wood Shelf Brackets, Wood Corbels, Wood Curtain Brackets, Wood Plate Rails, Wood Gun Brackets and even will customize them.

Here is an answer to a question we have received many times.
Why do we only use Southern Yellow Pine to make our items?.
We make our all our Wood Shelves and Wood Shelf Brackets out of Beautiful Southern Yellow Pine (SYP). We use only Southern Yellow Pine, a highly renewable wood (quick harvest/growing) which is the hardest of the evergreen species and is comparable to Oak or many other hard-woods in strength. Southern Yellow Pine is so strong it is used for superior building lumber, utility poles, treated decking lumber, high quality trim/mouldings and anywhere strength is needed or preferred. Do not confuse this for species of White pines such as Fir, Spruce etc. as they are a lightweight and softer wood is not the material I use for brackets or shelving. All the pictures, including all of the stained and finished units are a made from (SYP).

We make our brackets in many styles and purposes, Wood Fan Brackets, Curtain Brackets, Gun / Rifle Brackets, Corbels, even some unusual custom items.

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Our products are proudly made in the United States of America!

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The Shelf Factory makes wood scroll brackets


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