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The Shelf Factory makes many different styles of Wood Shelf Brackets and Corbels

We use Southern Yellow Pine, which is lumber made from a group of coniferous trees grown in the Southern United States. We make our all our Wood Shelves and Wood Shelf Brackets using Beautiful SYP and is a HIGHLY RENEWABLE WOOD* (*quick harvest/growing) unlike the Hardwoods and exotic species of wood.

We are located in the Southern United States where SYP is harvested and grown and we purchase much of our wood from local Mills.

Hardwoods, mainly due to their much longer growth to harvest cycle, which contributes greatly to it's more expensive price while SYP is relatively inexpensive. Even more expensive are the Exotic woods that people lovewhich come from the world's rain forests and are being decimated. The pines will keep on growing to fill the void.

SYP is milled from a group of conifer species and is one of the hardest comparable to Oak or many of the other Hardwoods in strength.

SYP is so strong it is used for top quality building lumber, flooring, utility poles, treated lumber, high quality trim/mouldings and anywhere superior strength is needed or preferred.

SYP can be painted and is exceptionally beautiful when Stained and finished.

Do not confuse this for species of what is commomly called White pines such as Fir, Spruce etc. as they are lightweight, softer and not the type of wood to use for brackets or shelving.

All the pictures, including all of the stained and finished units are a made from SYP

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The Shelf Factory assembled Decorative wood shelves using our wood shelf brackets as components of a complete unit


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